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The Regional Youth/Adult Substance Abuse Project, RYASAP, is an urban/suburban community coalition serving the Greater Bridgeport region, comprised of Bridgeport, Easton/Redding, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford and Trumbull.


RYASAP's mission is to build healthier and safer communities free of the harm caused by alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse, and related crime and violence.

It is RYASAP's strong belief that insidious problems such as substance abuse and its contributing factors -- gangs, crime, violence, blight, graffiti, poor schools -- can be more effectively addressed when people work together and form nurturing relationships at all levels of the community.

To achieve this goal, RYASAP utilizes an asset-based community development approach focusing on the positive attributes, skills, gifts, and resources of individuals, associations, and organizations that when mobilized make for building healthier communities. In simple terms, "everyone has deficits -- the cup is half-empty -- but everyone also has skills and talents -- the cup is half-full.

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