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Drug Quiz


How much do you know about the history of alcohol and other drugs? If you know a lot, here's your chance to earn yourself a fabulous prize! Just answer these five questions and enter our contest. Every two weeks, we'll pick a winner from those who answer all the questions correctly.

The questions may seem a little difficult but don't worry, all the answers can be found on the Altered States website or the museum exhibit.

Keep Checking Back Because We'll Have New Questions Every Two Weeks!

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Please answer the following questions...

1. What are the three Gateway Drugs?

2. What was the first state to pass a law restricting alcohol sales?

3. The Eighteenth Amendment (Prohibition) became effective in what year?

4. Which President first declared a "war on drugs?"

5. What is another name for the drug LSD?

These questions are valid for the first two weeks of the Altered States exhibit (Up until October 10, 1998). New questions will be posted on October 13, 1998 and every two weeks thereafter until the exhibit closes on December 27, 1998.

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